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Established in 2000 in South Florida, The Law Office of Ben Protano is a firm dedicated to assisting individuals, companies and shareholders alike. We provide services to clients both within our local community and worldwide with business matters and personal legal concerns such as personal injury cases.

We at the Law Office of Ben Protano take pride in our ability to effectively communicate with our clients. We give you a thorough understanding of our approach to your situation and the intended results. By thoroughly understanding the rules and regulations that govern everyday business situations, we prepare you for success in all aspects. Our comprehensive planning experience includes tailored solutions designed to deliver superior results for our clients.

We help entrepreneurs devise legally sound business strategies to ensure their personal achievement. For existing companies, we help reorganize and restructure the business to boost its financial success. Our capabilities reach new heights in regards to the sale of assets and shares and succession planning. Shareholder, operating, and non-compete agreements are also our specialty. Allow us to become the mediator between your company and its independent contractors. We take a leading role in situations which require skills in alternate dispute resolution including mediation and arbitration. Our operation agreements are designed to create, assist and service contracts such as real estate, distribution, licensing, non-compete agreements and more.

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